Monday, August 20, 2018
New Gate Motor Warranty:

All gate motor products are manufactured with extreme care, 
thoroughly inspected and tested. All gate motors are 
warranted against faulty materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months unless otherwise stated from the invoice date of the product or 26 months from the 
manufacturing date (as shown on the serial number label of the 
operator), whichever expires first.
The warranty will cover the repair or replacement, at the discretion of 
the manufacture, of such faulty materials or parts free of charge 
provided that the equipment is returned to the manufacturer's workshop. The 
workmanship of the installation of the products carried out by any third 
party (a1gatemotor) is specifically not covered under this warranty (please consult with 
your installer about their workmanship warranty terms and conditions). 
No claim whatsoever will be recognised under the terms of this 
warranty which pertain to damage, injury, cost or expense, suffered by 
persons and / or to property, which either directly or indirectly arise out 
of any one of the following occurrences:
a) Failure to install the product in accordance with the installation 
instructions provided by the manufacturer
b) Failure to abide by the safety instructions provided.
This warranty will not apply to any equipment which:
a) Has not been installed in accordance with the installation 
instructions provided.
b) Has been subject to misuse or which has been used for any purpose 
other than that designed for by the manufacturers.
c) Has damage caused as a result of handling during transit, 
atmospheric conditions (including lightning), insect infestation, 
power surges or other forces outside of the control of the manufacturer.
d) Has been repaired by any workshop and / or person NOT previously 
authorised by the manufacturer.
e) Has been repaired with components not previously tested, passed or 
authorised by the manufacturer. 
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