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Payment methods

All goods remain the property of A1 Gate Motor Services until paid in full. The risk of the rewards of ownership of goods sold is transferred upon customer upon delivery of these goods to their premises. The Liability of payment is not cancelled by delivery and goods could in fact be repossessed in the event of a customer defaulting on outstanding payment.

A 60% deposit is required unless otherwise stated on Quotation.

Any deposits paid by EFT will be confirmed only when it reflects in our FNB account.

Proof of transfer or deposit must be faxed to 086 619 8505 or e Mailed to

Cash deposit payments can be made on the day before we start with installation but the balance must be paid in cash on completion of installation.

A starting date will be confirmed as soon as a deposit has been received.

The outstanding invoice amount is payable on completion of work. (Immediately)




All new equipment carries a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise stated on the quote.(Bottom left hand Corner)

A call out fee will apply outside 6 month workmanship warranty.

6 Month Workmanship warranty is given on new installations – Free from any call out fees

Reconditioned or repaired equipment carry a 30 day repair warranty.

Failed components will be returned to manufacturer to establish cause of failure.

Warranty on work and products will only be given on products that we supply and install. No warranty is given on products supplied by clients. We will show the client or whoever is at the premises that the product or products installed are working and that is where our responsibility will end. Warranty work will be scheduled like any other work on Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 17:00.

Lightning or electrical surge damage is not covered by any warranty.

All warranties on equipment installed or repaired will be voided should work be done to the equipment by any unauthorised person.

We are not liable for existing cabling used i.e power cable or any other cables.




1.       This agreement is subject to acceptance by Jan V Venter representing A1 Gate Motor Services herein referred to as "the company" upon which it shall become a binding contract to both parties.

2.       All quotations, invoice or contracts are subject to the under mentioned terms and conditions which are binding throughout and may not be varied or cancelled except by written consent of the company. All illustrations, advertisements, schedules and documents of a like nature are for information only and not binding on the company. Any illustrations, descriptive matters, dimensions and specifications submitted herewith are approximate only insofar as they are intended merely to present a general idea of the goods described herein and the company cannot be held responsible for loss due to discrepancies therein.

3.       Upon acceptance by the company, the company undertakes to provide the goods and/or services specified. Any other work requested by the customer must be quoted on first.

4.       The company shall under no circumstances be responsible for any loss incurred by the customer by reason of incorrect information being supplied to the company as to the type of goods or equipment purchased by the customer from the company whether such measurements were communicated to the company by the customer personally and/or his architect agent, builder or any other person acting on behalf of the customer.

5.       Delivery and/or installation of the goods will be made as soon as possible, provided however, that should delivery of any of the goods and/or services be delayed, hindered, prevented or interfered with by any circumstances outside the company control the company shall not be liable for any loss or damage or be held responsible for late delivery caused thereby. The company shall not be liable for any force majeure, any act or state or other authority, shortage of material or labour strikes, fire, explosion, theft, floods, riot, civil commotion, war boycotts, malicious mischief, sabotage, rebellions or any other cause of whatsoever nature entirely or partly beyond the control of the company or the manufacturer.

6.       The company shall not be responsible for any damage caused to the goods or equipment by storm or hail or any other via major electrical surges. Although a Surge protector is installed, it does not always give 100% protection.

7.       The customer shall not be entitled to cancel or withhold payment for late delivery arising out of any circumstances or events outside the company's control.

8.       Notwithstanding delivery of goods and/or services to the customer, ownership therein shall remain vested in the company until such time as the full purchase price has been paid and, in the event of payment not having been made, the company shall have the right to without prejudice to its right to cancel the contract retain all the moneys paid and enter the customer's property and repossess any or all of the goods delivered.

9.       Prices quoted are cash on delivery prices and are discounted with 5% already calculated in on price quoted. Should the customer fail to pay balance of outstanding invoice amount on day of installation the 5% discount will be forfeited and the normal price will be charged.

10.    It is recorded that in the event of the customer failing to make payment as per item 9 of these terms and conditions, the customer shall be responsible to pay interest at a rate of 25% per annum calculated with effect from the date upon which such amount was due and the customer acknowledges that he shall be liable to pay such interest to the company.

11.    The customer acknowledges that although the company instructs its employees to exercise every care during the installation of the goods or equipment specified in this contract no claims may be brought against the company, and the company shall not be liable under any circumstances whatsoever for any loss or damage whether direct or indirect consequential or otherwise alleged to have been sustained by the customer whether by reason of any act or omission on the part of the company or arising out of the negligence of the company or of its servants or agents or by reason of any other cause howsoever arising.

12.    Should any unforeseen problems arise due to unforeseen difficulties in installing goods or equipment, extra time arising out of these difficulties will be charged at a rate determined by the company.

13.    There are no conditions or guarantees, expressed or in writing, binding on the company other than those embodied in this contract.

14.    The customer chooses domicile citandi et executandi at its normal place of business or home from which the order was received, being the address furnished at the front of the quotation.

15.    The company chooses domicilium citandi et executandi at its place of business in Centurion, Gauteng.

16.    The parties hereto do hereby agree that any magistrate's court having jurisdiction in terms of Section 28 of the Magistrate's Court Act shall have jurisdiction in any proceedings that might be instituted arising out of the herein mentioned agreement or any breach irrespective of the amount involved or the nature of the claim.

17.    It shall be the sole responsibility of the customer to obtain permission of all municipal or local government approval including plans by such municipality or government body in the event of the company installing goods or equipment which require approval. The company holds itself harmless against any claim made by the customer for any damages that may have been suffered by the customer.

18.    Unless the customer advised the company in writing within seven (7) days of installation of the goods or equipment of any defect in the installation the customer shall be deemed to have been satisfied with the work carried out to his complete satisfaction.

19.    The company will not be responsible or assume any liability for any misrepresentations made by its agents or representatives, distributor or dealers.

20.    The Company and its directors/owners/members will not be jointly or individually be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage or liability directly or indirectly, incidental, special or consequential arising from work performed by the company at the customer property.

21.    It is noted that no contract/quotation will be cancelled after a signed copy of the contract/quotation has been received by the company or when a deposit has been paid to the company.

22.    No warranty will be covered should there be any outstanding invoiced amounts due to the company.

23.    Warranties offered with goods or equipment supplied or installed are subject to the terms and conditions of the specific manufacturer as well as these terms and conditions.

24.    Warranty work will be scheduled for work days between 08:00 and 17:00 only.

25.    Basic fault finding according to manufacturer’s documentation is the responsibility of the customer.

26.    The person signing the quotation, invoice or contract binds themselves to the terms and conditions of the agreement and the liability of the terms and conditions cannot be transferred to another party without written consent by the company.

27.    The company will cover welding areas with a protective undercoat and drilled holes in walls will be filled with filler. Top coat and colour matching is the responsibility of the customer.

28.  Removal of building rubble or replaced equipment from client’s premises is the responsibility of the client and not of the Company.

29. By paying deposit the customer agrees to all above mentioned warranty, terms and conditions.




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