Monday, August 20, 2018
ET Single Roll up Garage Door Motor Minimize
ET Roll up Garage door Motor

• 24VDC Motor
• 24V True battery backup available
• Powerful 80W motor
• Low battery warning indication
• No 220V AC input supply warning beeps
• Fast speed
• Soft start
• Quick and easy to fit
• Seperate control housing
• 220V light
• Locally manufactured PCB and TX
• Holiday lock out feature
• Additional transmitters can be added
• Auto close selection
• Safety beam input
• Ajustable load setting
• 2 channel onboard rolling code Rx
• Left or right hand fitment
• Ideal for limited space
• Mechanical limits with easy access
• Weight bar (optional extra)
• Can be used without battery
• Adaptor plate used in automating other
  types of domestic roll up doors
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