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Coming Soon – Centurion D5 Smart

Centurion D5 Smart Webstore Worried about compatibility? Don't worry, if you planning to own a D5 Smart in the nearby future you will be able to purchase Parts, Accessories and more HERE without stressing about compatibility. a Webstore dedicated to…
by | 10/02/2020

ZKteco Range

ZKTeco Product Range IntroductionWe are happy to announce we are introducing a ZKTeco product range to our online shop.ZKTeco are one of the pioneers in multi-biometric and RFID technology.They are a multinational enterprise that specializes in developing and manufacturing attendance…
by | 30/01/2020

Discontinuation of the R3 and R5

Word from the Centurion Team We just wanted to let you know that we are retiring the R3 and R5 ranges of rotary swing gate motors at the end of December. You will still be able to buy operators from…
by | 03/12/2019

SD04 – Centurion Sectional Garage Door

With the SDO4 Sectional Garage Door Motor, that experience begins the moment that you open your garage door. With whisper-quiet operation and movement that’s smoother than a Barry White song, the SDO4 garage door operator for tip-up and sectional doors…
by | 08/10/2019

RDO II Centurion Roll up Garage Door Motor

The Centurion RDO II is a domestic roll up garage motor. A 24V DC high-torque motor, operates so quietly you'll have to check for the motor to make sure it is actually there! With the RDO II roll up garage…
by | 08/10/2019

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