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Gate & Garage Motor Installer Manual Download

D10-and-D10-TurboDownload D5-EvoDownload SD04-Garage-MotorDownload Centurion-RDO-V2.0Download ET-Nice-Drive-500Download ET-Nice-DC-Blue-Advanced-Roll-UpDownload
by | 07/06/2019

Accredited By Centurion Systems

Certified Installer
by | 07/06/2019

We install GateShox

Yes, A1 Gate motor supply and install the revolutionary gate wheels. This patent is designed to dampen the most noisy sliding gate you can find. Spring loaded suspension like design. Each wheel can carry 400kg dead weight - These wheels can also be installed in tandem and the are serviceable.…
by | 07/06/2019

Gate & Garage Motor batteries

Most modern day gate & garage motors have battery back up in case of power failure. Some depend on the battery to operate and others don't. The models that depend on the battery only use main power to keep the battery charged. Other models will run on mains and switch…
by | 07/06/2019

Gate and Motor Maintenance

Your gate should be checked & serviced as regular as possible - Sliding gate rollers /wheels should be spinning freely without any obstruction and any rust to be removed - Especially after rain. A wheel not free wheeling will affect movement of the gate and put stress on the motor.…
by | 16/05/2019

New Product Comparison feature.

I recently added a Product Compare feature to my website. This feature allow you to select multiple products and compare technical specifications in example you want to know whether the gate motor you interested in compares to another. Simply Click navigate the menu bar -select Compare it will bring up…
by | 15/05/2019

My Web Host and Site developer.

Our Website Host & Developer a Big Thank you to My website looks and works fantastically.  If you need a website like this you can find out more here: , You will not regret it.
by | 08/05/2019

Centurion to the Test

Centurion to Mother Nature is a notoriously fickle – and at times downright ruthless – dame. While she may occasionally do something whimsical like giving us a monkey’s wedding, there are also times that it’s quite evident that she’s had a fight with her boyfriend or something. This year especially…
by | 24/04/2019

Guide to Sliding Gates

to Sliding Gates Your Sliding Gate: What You’ll Need Unless you possess the power of teleportation (in which case we’d like offer our thanks for reading our modest newsletter, oh visitor from another world), chances are that you gain access to your property by means of a point of entry…
by | 24/04/2019

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