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Frequent gate motor questions

Why use DC motor or battery operated motor on a gate opener? A DC motor has excellent starting torque (much greater than an AC motor). This high starting torque is ideal to overcome the initial friction of getting the gate moving and accelerating the gate up to speed. The speed of a DC motor is […]
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ZKTeco Product Range
ZKTeco Product Range Introduction We are happy to announce we are introducing a ZKTeco product range to our online shop. ZKTeco are one of the pioneers in multi-biometric and RFID technology. They are a multinational enterprise that specializes in developing and manufacturing attendance and access control technology with over 20 year’s experience. They have a […]
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No1 Problems due to cold weather and low temperatures There are several problems your gate motor might experience when the low temperatures strike. You might notice some delay in opening of your gate, or even the inability to open at all. Metal components will contract as the temperature drops and unless you are using grease […]
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