Gate Motor Scam

Our Public is being fooled again by dodgy gate motor installers. They are being sold refurbished (2nd hand) Centurion D5 Evo Gate motors “as new”

The Unit are nicely seal by centurion systems but have a red label indicating it’s a refurbished unit. Our public does not no this and are being fooled into thinking it’s new.

Be aware – If you are getting a “new” motor at half the price. It’s not new.

Discontinuation of the R3 and R5

R3 and R5 - notification

Word from the Centurion Team

We just wanted to let you know that we are retiring the R3 and R5 ranges of rotary swing gate motors at the end of December. You will still be able to buy operators from these ranges until then, but please be aware that this is subject to stock availability, and, once we have run out of stock, we will not be producing any new units.

However, you can be rest assured that we will continue to offer repairs and support on these products for the next ten years, so you are covered in regards to any units that you may have installed in the field.

You’ll also be happy to know that we offer a quality solution for sites requiring rotary swing gate motors.

The FAAC 391 is an elegant and compact operator for swing gates up to 2 metres wide, and, thanks to its innovative mechanical design, it boasts great flexibility and simplicity of installation. You can read all about this great product, as well as check out its technical specifications, here.

Kind regards,


Shortage of D10 and D10 Turbo gate motors

Shortage of D10
  Dear Valued Client, We just wanted to let you know that we are currently experiencing a shortage of D10 and D10 Turbo industrial sliding gate operators, mainly due to there being insufficient stock of the electrical motors used in these systems.

Why the shortage?

Unfortunately, several factors conspired to create the present situation.
Firstly, a sudden upsurge in demand led to our contingency stock being depleted much quicker than anticipated. As you know, there was recently an outbreak of xenophobic violence in certain parts of the country, and, sadly, truck drivers were targeted in these attacks, making delivery of stock all but impossible without compromising the safety of the drivers. Thankfully, the situation seems to have been contained for the moment, but the shockwaves that it sent through the country’s economy are only now starting to subside.

A final bit of misfortune struck when a ship carrying stock of the motor was waylaid by a severe storm en route to our shores, with physical and IT infrastructure troubles at the port causing further delays.

What are we doing to fix it?

While these events are indeed highly regrettable, we will not allow them to deter us from providing you with the world-class service you have come to expect from Centurion Systems. We can confirm that, after a few delays, we have received stock of the motors and production has already started. Our production team will be working throughout the weekend to build up stock, and a special delivery to get units to the outlying areas has been scheduled for Monday, the 30th September.


To quote a famous saying, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry, and, try as one might, it is extremely difficult to plan for every eventuality in this increasingly volatile and uncertain world. That being said, we commit to creating higher levels of safety stock going forward.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused, and thank you for your understanding and support.   Kind regards,


New Product Comparison feature.

product compare

New Product Compare feature I recently added to my website. This feature allow you to select multiple products and compare technical specifications in example you want to know whether the gate motor you interested in compares to another.

Simply Click navigate the menu bar – select Compare it will bring up a Product search bar.

Search, view, select & compare.

Step #1

Navigate to the shop page and open the appropriate category page. Once Navigated to the desired product, Tick the Compare box.

Step #2

The button will update to View once you added the product. Add the products you’d like to compare and click View

Step #3

A Pop up widow will appear with your selected products specs. To Exit this window click on the gray X in the right top corner.  You can deselect and add new items now. Navigate to the next page for more available items. 

My Web Host and Site developer.

You handled the Domain Transfer with precision and elegance, I was impressed. 

Furthermore is your Hosting Packages by far the most reasonably priced. With everything included that one might need, even the things I didn’t think of or didn’t know of. 

Your patience is remarkable, I had lots of questions and even asked some  of them twice, such as what your Add-on Services entail. I know now what Rapid SSL certificates offer and who GeoTrust is. Throughout the process you remained helpful, professional and efficient.  

The additional Web Services I requested has made the difference. I would never have managed to register and set-up all the accounts, configure the SSL certificate, install & Configure the required software (I wouldn’t even know where, what or how and maybe why) and handle the overall administration. If it wasn’t for the Web Master Services you provided I would have been lost. 

My site is functioning beyond my high expectations. All the extra custom features I needed was integrated ellegantly into both the front and back end of my site. Not only is it running like a beast, the well planned and executed design is of immense appeal, without compromising on functionality. The layout of relevant content and elements encourages action or interaction, that is well guided every step of the process.     

Job done well, with outstanding service, great communication,  unwavering professionalism and precision. I thank you again for a magnificent experience. 

If you need a website like mine you can find out more here: SkyRaisen. You will not regret it. 

Evolution of the home automation system

Evolution of the home automation system

Gate automation was born out of necessity.  The public at large were starting to become increasingly more security-conscious as stories of break-ins and house robberies haunted the media, walls grew taller and guard dogs grew larger and more ferocious.  A universal cry was uttered for some technological means of safeguarding ourselves against crime while at the same time relieving us of some of the burdens associated with suburban living. 

The very first gate motors – the great granddaddies of home automation, as it were – were mostly AC-driven behemoths that used limit switches for position control.  Although they undeniably filled a gap and tentatively lulled us into a sense of security, they often proved unreliable as power failures would cause them to stop working (remember, they were powered by the mains) and micro switches frequently failed.

Our very own D5 sliding gate motor – a tried, trusted and beloved stalwart of home automation – not only boasts battery backup and reliable position sensing, but has undergone a complete transformation in recent years.  The CP80 controller has been replaced with an intelligent LCD interface that makes setup and diagnostics exceptionally easy, and space-age features such as Intruder-detection Alarms and on board timer functionality come standard with the aptly-titled D5-Evo.  When it comes to gate automation, this model is evolution at its most visible.

Gate automation has become an integral part of our lives, and we trust in it as much as we do in our loyal guard dogs.  It offers convenience and peace of mind, and we are confident that it will keep evolving to suit our changing needs.


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