Centurion D5 fault finding & troubleshoot

I’ve been a gate motor installer since 2004 ~ I have paid my school fees and pretty much diagnose your faulty D5 right away ~ providing you describe it’s exact symptoms.

Programming Manual in Afrikaans

TOP 5 D5 Gate Motor troubles

No 1 ~ Battery failure

  • Status light flashing ~ 3 times pause, 3 times pause
  • Speed reduced gradually and eventually stopped
  • Batter will test 12 and above voltage but this controller don’t care much for voltage ~ It seeks AMPS.
  • Typical battery lifespan ~ 18 to 24 months
  • The D5 uses the battery as primary source to operate ~ Mains power charges the battery as needed.

No 2 ~ Motor Fuse

  • New battery but it still just “clicks” ~ watch main Relays ~ again looking for amps to keep it relayed
  • Change (not check) the (sand filled fuse) ~ checking it with standard circuit test meter gives false continuity. ~
  • Make sure to bend holding clamps closed before inserting new fuse

No 3 ~ Faulty Terminals

  • to be continued

No 4 ~ Origin Marker displaced

  • to be continued

No 5 ~ Power failure (main)

  • to be continued

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