Centurion D5 Smart

Centurion D5 Smart Independent Review

GATE MOTOR – So the other day I installed a D5 Smart, It’s much smaller than I though. The motor is well designed. other from the “D5 Smart” badge that already fell off it looked like a durable product, but only time will tell.

I did not like the idea that you have to have your phone to get it up and running. It connects via a Bluetooth connection and via your phone download software, very rude indeed.

Did not have any trouble installing this D5 Smart, the baseplate and and anchors are easy and the fact that they give a big height adjustment ability is a big score in my books.

I also liked the fact that it does not make use of an origin marker, safes time and eliminates future headaches.

The “App” is cool bit the lady talking is annoying.

Let’s talk specs, pretty much the same workhorse ability as the D5 Evo coupled with double the speed – It’s Fast, really fast. Safety beams are strongly suggested. Beacause of this speed it will need a maintenance checkup every 3rd month, you forget you pay.

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