Gate and Motor Maintenance

Your gate should be checked & serviced as regular as possible – Sliding gate rollers /wheels should be spinning freely without any obstruction and any rust to be removed – Especially after rain. A wheel not free wheeling will affect movement of the gate and put stress on the motor. You don’t want that

Battery backed up gate motors are service free however 90% of the depend on the battery to operate correctly – These rechargeable batteries should be checked and swapped out every 2 years or so – Some my last 4 years and others only a year.

Remotes – Remote batteries does not last forever – LED on the remote will have a battery low flash or a dim glow indicating it is time to change before it dies.

Rack – Gate should move freely – with wear en tear on the wheels the do wear out and in a lot of instances the rack presses down on the pinion gear creating pressure on the main axle – That’s where oil leaks start and gearboxes end.

Rail – Keep the rail clear from debris and make sure it’s straight and solid.

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