RSO 50

Centurion RSO 50 Kit

Includes: Battery, controller, 2x remotes, chain and pulley



Centurion RSO 50 Р500kg Roller-Shutter Operator 

The CENTURION Industrial RSO range has been designed to safely automate extremely heavy roller-shutter doors such as entrances to factories and loading bays. Each model is equipped with a heavy-duty electric motor that, coupled with a powerful gearbox, delivers maximum lifting force. In addition, a convenient manual override facility comprising a five metre chain ensures that the door can be operated even in the event of a power failure. A three-button wall pendant allows the operator to not only open and close the door but
also safely stop it should an emergency situation arise. Even the baby of the lot, the RSO5R industrial roller-shutter operator, has enough brawn in its gearbox to automate shutters weighing up to 500kg, and makes for powerful, cost-effective industrial automation.
  • Battery Driven 24VDC with 2Amp charger
  • 130mm/sec Travelling time
  • Door weight of up to 500kg
  • 350 Daily operations
  • Allows for the connection of safety devices and auxiliary equipment
  • Auto close functionality
  • Reliable and cost effective for industrial roller shutters


Other Models available in this range: 

  • RSO5 – 500kg Roller-Shutter Operator
  • RSO5R – 500kg Roller-Shutter Operator

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
professional gate motor installer