Centurion Nova Remote Receiver


Centurion Nova Remote Receiver. Featuring transmitters with one to four buttons made from durable silicone made to last with Sleek and stylish carbon look.



Centurion Nova Remote Receiver Pairs with the Nova Remote and any Centurion Motor.

  • Durable silicone buttons made to last and last
  • Sleek and stylish carbon look.
  • 433Mhz operating frequency.
  • Transmitters with one to four buttons.
  • Transmitter quick and easy to open for battery replacement.
  • Self-learning receivers with one, two and four channels.
  • Receivers incorporate stable narrow band technology.
  • Weatherproof housing for receiver.

Centurion Nova Remote Receiver System incorporates code-hopping technology to offer the ultimate security in a remote control. A unique randomly changing code is transmitted with each operation making it impossible to duplicate the system. The receiver uses self-learning technology, making it quick and easy to set up.


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