Centurion SD04 T12

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Centurion SD04 T12 Sectional Garage door motor

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Centurion SD04 T12 Sectional Garage Door Motor

Adaptive anti-crushing control

The SDO4 was designed with safety in mind! The built-in anti-crushing circuitry will cause the door to stop and reverse if an obstruction is detected, helping to prevent serious damage or injury.

Main Features:

  • Adaptive Anti Crush Control
  • Battery Driven
  • Reliable DC Motor
  • Lock in Any Position
  • Auto-Close
  • On board Remote Receiver
  • Energy Saving Technology
  • Courtesy Light Control
  • Garage Door Service Monitor

Battery-driven – ALWAYS on

You need to be somewhere in a hurry. The power goes out. You’re going nowhere. Unless you have the SDO4, that is. The SDO4 switches seamlessly between mains and battery power in the event of a power outage, so it’s always on. You can even use solar power to charge the system.

An SDO4 to suit your door

The SDO4 comes in two different models, making it suitable for virtually any size domestic garage door. Choose the Centurion SD04 T10 for smaller doors up to 12 square metres, or automate your bigger door with the powerful Centurion SD04 T12 model.

Reliable DC motor

Our 24V geared DC motor provides enough power to move even the largest door quietly and reliably.

Effortlessly switch between door types for the ultimate in flexibility

The Centurion SDO4 is suitable for both sectional and tip-up doors, and toggling between the two using the intuitive LED display automatically, and intelligently, adapts the run profile to suit the selected door type.

Total security at the press of a button

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world… and so is the hand that controls Holiday Lockout Mode! This on-board high-security feature allows you to electronically lock your garage door by pressing one of the Wireless Wall Switch or remote control buttons, giving you total control of who gets in.

Lock in any position

For increased security, the Manual Override can be disengaged and then re-engaged in any position. If you’re going away on holiday you can also electronically lock your SDO4 so that not even a learned-in remote control can operate the door.

Auto close

Look, Ma, no hands! If you forget to close your garage door, your SDO4 will do it for you – if you’ve activated the Autoclose feature. Or maybe you’re moving stuff out of your garage and need the door to remain open – overriding Autoclose is as easy as pressing a button!

On board receiver with code-hopping security

A home security system that fits in your pocket. Our four-button code-hopping remote control utilises the same technology found in top of the range vehicle security systems and can control your SDO4, home alarm system, automatic gate motors and whatever else you need to feel safe. Rest easy, knowing there’s a CENTURION standing guard.

Source: Centsys. “SDo4” Nov 18, 2016 Accessed August 08, 2019


Additional information

Door Type Options

Sectional, Tip-Up



Diagnostic Interface




Max Door Size

15m (sq)

Max Speed


Motor Power Source



On Board

Receiver Capacity



24 Month

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