A1 Gate Motor Terms & Conditions

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  1. Are valid for the period stated on the document.
  2. Product prices can change without notice.
  3. Price updates are done on the 1st day of every month and a Quotation review should be requested after this date.
  4. a Standard installation deposit is required (no exceptions). By paying the booking deposit you automatically agree to our terms & conditions set out on this document/page.
  5. Quotation to deliver products should be paid in full prior to delivery unless otherwise agreed upon.
  6. Please never assume something is included in the Quote – Please make sure to clear any hesitation by contacting us for clarification.


  1. A1 Gate motor will make every effort to safeguard our client’s property but will not be liable for any loss or damages during the installation / maintenance of any equipment. Clients are kindly required to remove loose standing property that might cause obstruction to complete installation.
  2. All animals should be contained during installation period.
  3. It is the homeowner’s duty to inform the installer of any plumbing and electrical installations underground or in walls. (A1 will not be liable in the event of accidental damage due to digging/drilling.
  4. No painting will be done of any sort unless specifically quoted for.
  5. Welding will be touched up with black rust proof coating where applicable.
  6. We allow the customer to request changes to the installation within reasonable question within 7 days.
  7.  All building rubble removal is for the customer’s account.
  8. Disposal of replaced equipment is for the customer’s account.
  9. Customers have 7 days to report an instance regarding installation that he/she would like to amend.
  10. Due Invoices will carry a R150.00 administration fee every 7 days it’s outstanding.
  11. All animals to be contained during installation.


  1. Any Warranty claim MUST be accompanied by a paid in full original Invoice / Receipt.
  2. No warranty will be honored where payment is due.
  3. Workmanship (installation) warranted for 6 months from the date of invoice.
  4. All products come with a manufacturer’s warranty (please refer to product documentation).
  5. a Service fee will apply when A1 Gate Motor represent the customer in order to claim a warranted product from the manufacturer.
  6. NO WARRANTY on batteries. Uncontrollably environment
  7. Products damaged by Electrical surges or flooding or any other acts of nature will not be covered by any warranty. (see product documentation)
  8. Any products found to be handled or worked on by an non certified technician will be deemed void.
  9. A1 Gate Motor warrants workmanship for 6 months from date of completion (this does not include equipment)
  10. Service call repaired motor does not carry any kind of warranty unless otherwise stated. In the case where the repair failure within 7 days due to the same fault a comeback repair will be carried out.
  11. Successful claims will be carried out in a timely manner within business hours.

Damage Reports:

  1. In order to submit a damage report for any item, a complete bench testing and diagnostics will have to be performed at the cost of the applicant. On site testing and diagnosis should ALWAYS be performed prior to replacement claim.

Operating hours:

Monday to Friday: 8am to 5pm

Mail us for further clarification at admin@a1gatemotor.co.za

updated: 18/09/2020

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